OthersideAI Inc.


OthersideAI is on a mission to change the way the world communicates. The average professional spends hours writing emails every day. With Otherside you will spend less time on monotonous tasks like email and scheduling, and have more time to focus on the things that matter. We’re building productivity and communication tools of the future, powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in existence.

🛠 What We Do

Our technology will help you craft well-written, concise emails without wasting hours selecting the perfect wording for each sentence (yes, we’ve been there). The best part? With Otherside you will get through your inbox 2-3x faster than ever before!

Just write a bulleted outline of your email using your favorite abbreviations and shorthand, and watch your  email write itself in front of your eyes.

But, we're more than just a writing assistant. We also provide intelligent summarization, insights, and an entire suite of tools to make your inbox more manageable!

⛵️ Our Story

What started as a fun side project for two college students has quickly evolved into a company comprised of top engineers, entrepreneurs, and advisors. 

We’re building a community of passionate individuals that are changing the world and consistently pushing the limits of productivity. 

We are here to assist you.

💬 Contact Us

Email  info@othersideai.com

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